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I Know Everything

Get Used To It

Crystal Rose
15 April
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My interests don't make me who I am. I'm trying to figure out the exact moment my life got fucked up.
80s pop, a perfect circle, afi, alien sex fiend, aliens, animal rights, anti-fashion, art, astrology, bike riding, bikini kill, billy idol, blondie, blood brothers, broken social scene, cabaret, christian death, coal chamber, cowboy bebop, daft punk, daria, dead can dance, death from above 1979, depeche mode, disco, disney movies, dita von teese, donnie darko, drag queens, dress-up, echo and the bunnymen, ecology, electroclash, eurotrash, eye hate god, female bands, feminism, feung shei, fiona apple, frankenstein drag queens, frederich nietzsche, futurama, garbage, geisha, glam rock, glamour, gwen stefani, hand holding, health, herbal remedies, hippies, horrorpops, iggy pop, j.d. salinger, jack off jill, jimi hendrix, john lennon, joy division, king of the hill, kittie, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, ladytron, le tigre, led zeppelin, leftover crack, london after midnight, lords of acid, lunchboxes, macrobiotics, madonna, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, mechanical cabaret, metric, miss kittin, murderdolls, musical instruments, mythology, nekromantix, neon blonde, nine inch nails, no doubt, pee-wee's playhouse, philosophy, photography, poetry, psychology, punk, rainbows, records, revolution, robert smith, serial killers, shakespeare, sharks, shock rock, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, ska, soft cell, soilent green, sonic youth, specimen, stacey q, system of a down, tea, the adicts, the aquabats, the blood brothers, the breeders, the buzzcocks, the cardigans, the cramps, the creatures, the cure, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the devotchkas, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the kinks, the sisters of mercy, the white stripes, the who, tiger army, transexuals, tsunami bomb, velvet acid christ, vinyl, vnv nation, watchmen, wednesday 13, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga